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A Great Battling Ropes Workout

We take pride in showcasing a number of ways to use battling ropes to provide challenging and fun workouts. As we have showcased previously, battling ropes are an excellent tool for pushing and pulling complexes.  If you are only using battling ropes for wave based movements then you really are only getting half the benefits. The pulling movements are great for developing grip strength, strength endurance, core stability and mental resilience.

This battling ropes workout is simple yet very challenging. It is a great combination of pushing and pulling movements whilst challenging your core stability. You can make the sequence more challenging by doing plyometric push-ups or adding an extra loop to the rope and anchor. The key challenge is maintaining a great postural position in both the pushing and pulling components of the workout.

Another way of adding challenge and variety to this workout is by changing where you are facing. You could face away from the anchor or even be perpendicular. This will change the angle of the pull and will further challenge the stability.

You can do this battling ropes workout for time or rounds and you can progress by adding more from session to session. It is perfect in a one on one context or a class context.

You can learn more battling ropes workouts in our Fundamentals of Battling Ropes Certification.

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