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Sevens Workout with Kettlebells and Battling Ropes

This week’s workout is a fantastic workout that I like to call the Sevens Workout with Kettlebells and Battling Ropes. This workout is a great mix of my two favourite functional training tools, the Kettlebell and Battling Ropes. Both Kettlebells and Battling Ropes are a fantastic way of developing strength and cardio simultaneously and this workout will help you increase your aerobic capacity in a fun and engaging way. Most importantly, the exercises in this workout are some of the best for conditioning and can easily be tailored for your clients’ strength and ability.

All you need in this workout is a couple of kettlebell (I often use a 16 KG kettlebells, however feel free to workout with the weights that you are comfortable with), a set of battling ropes (10m are easier and 15m are a little more difficult) and an open space. Your local park, gym or even courtyard will be perfect for this workout. As you can tell from the video, I love working out by the beach in the great outdoors!

This workout is unique as it utilises a broad range of seven exercises; Double Snatches, Bullwhips, Swings with Lateral Steps, Burpie Power Waves, Kettlebell Cleans, Lunge Alt. Waves and Squat Thrusters. With repetitions of 7, you can perform this workout 7 times for a fairly powerful conditioning workout. It is perfect for someone looking for a workout that will give you something new to try and challenge different areas of the body.


M: 12

F: 8

  • 7 Reps – Double Kettlebell Snatches
  • 7 Reps – Bullwhips – Battling Ropes
  • 7 Reps – Kettlebell Swings with Lateral Steps
  • 7 Reps – Burpie Power Waves – Battling Ropes
  • 7 Reps – Kettlebell Cleans
  • 7 Reps – Lunge Alt. Waves
  • 7 Reps – Squat Thrusters

This Sevens Workout will give you a diverse range of exercises to play around with. It works both your upper and lower body and can be done in a short amount of time with a basic functional training tools. These workouts are versatile, and can be changed around depending on your goals or workout preferences.

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