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Turkish Get up Steps

The Turkish Get-up is one of the best exercises you can do. It is brilliant for training the whole body and works different planes of motion and many different movement patterns. It can enhance mobility and stability as well as strength.

The Turkish get-up is also a very technical exercise. It has 9 different steps and involves a lot of coordination, stability and mobility. It is important to deconstruct the movement into smaller steps.

The Turkish Get up steps involve learning the movement in phases and initially without load.

This video really focuses on the coaching aspect of the movement. The emphasis is on learning the correct angles and positions and then establishing stability.

There is a clear continuum of progression in the video:

  • Learning the movement as a bodyweight exercise
  • Having some light pressure applied to the fist
  • Having the kettlebell supported
  • Completing the movement with the kettlebell

The video also focuses on just the first 4 steps of the movement. It is important to establish control, competency and efficiency before progressing through stages 5-9.

A good coach/trainer will focus on establishing perfect practice of the movement before progression.

We teach the Turkish get up steps in detail in our Level 1 ‘Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training’ course.

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