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Learn the Kettlebell Swing

In many cases there are exercises and movement patterns you need to undertake before you learn the kettlebell swing.

A lot of people are not used to moving through the hips and struggle with hip flexion and extension.

The causes can be numerous and can include inactive glutes, poor hip mobility or poor motor control.

The aim of these exercises is to facilitate a better execution of the Kettlebell Swing. These preparatory exercises will do just that.

The first exercise is a Hip extension. This does 2 things – Wakes up the glutes and gives you feedback on what hip flexion and extension feels like. The hip extension is done with the toes up so the glutes are performing the movement and not just the hamstrings. The knees are also turned out to the side so the lateral glutes are activated more.

The second exercise is a lateral hip raise. Again, the purpose is to activate the glutes and establish motor control in this pattern.

The last exercise is now done with load. This is the kneeling Powerbag Deadlift. This is a great pre-cursor to the swing as people learn the movement without the lower portion of the legs. The transition to a 2 Hand Swing is that much easier after these exercises.

We teach the Kettlebell Swing in detail in our Level 1 ‘Fundamentals of Kettlebell Lifting‘ course. Find more information about this and other functional training programs in our courses section.

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