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Our MMA Conditioning Certification course is inspired by the training methods employed by MMA fighters around the world. MMA demands conditioning that develops explosive power, endurance and strength to meet the needs of the sport. It is why their training methods are so effective and beneficial.

This course has been developed through the study of MMA fighters and how they generate impressive gains in strength, power and fitness through their training methods. We have then refined the techniques to cater for the general fitness population. We have incorporated our immense knowledge of kettlebells, powerbags and bodyweight training to further advance the efficiencies of these techniques to develop an array of effective, fun and dynamic exercises. We have created exercises that cater for varying levels of ability and fitness.

You will learn exercises that are suitable for general fitness training through to sports specific conditioning. The exercises taught are perfect for the professional or aspiring athlete or your average gym member.

A key focus of the MMA Conditioning Coach Certification course is establishing correct technique that is delivered safely. The emphasis is on coaching good form so participants can derive the various benefits associated with the exercises.

The movements taught are compound in nature, incorporate multiple planes of motion and are dynamic. It is these reasons that these methods will enable your clients to reach their fitness goals whatever they may be, faster than isolation exercises alone. You definitely don’t have to be an MMA fighter to use these time efficient training techniques for improved fitness gains.

The exercises are relevant in a one on one or group setting. The exercises are particularly effective in group settings as there is lots of interaction and competition with many of the exercises. You will learn how to program and create groups with incredible energy and excitement.

Why you should do this MMA Conditioning Certification course:

  • You will learn many amazing exercises that will give your sessions a real ‘wow’ factor.
  • These exercises get results. Your clients will be stronger, fitter and more powerful.
  • You will learn how to coach groups and create an overwhelmingly positive and vibrant energy using these methods.
  • You will be unqiue. These exercises are innovative and will help you stand out as a trainer.


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