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Powerbag Exercises

The Powerbag is such a dynamic and versatile tool. There are many Powerbag Exercises that can be performed and this video showcases some awesome partner sequences.

The first Powerbag Exercise is a partner drill with the participants facing each other. The person who is throwing the bag must do a full burpie before the recipient throws it back. The recipient has to do a full squat whilst they are waiting. You can also add a press so it becomes a squat thruster and makes the sequence all the more challenging. You can do the sequence for time or repetitions.

The second Powerbag sequence changes the plane of motion and gets the transverse and frontal planes involved. It isn’t as challenging on your endurance but remaining upright is a great challenge on your core. The power should be come from your hips and the thoracic rotation.

The partner exercises are great for groups and facilitating interaction and engagement. They add excitement and variety and are a great way of adding excitement to sessions.

We teach the Partner exercises and many other Powerbag exercises in our ‘Fundamentals of Powerbag Training’ course. View more information about this and other functional training courses here.

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