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Advanced Kettlebell Workout Complex Through Multiple Planes of Motion

Hey Guys Dan Henderson here,

We’re back once again with a challenging Kettlebell Workout complex. Be warned this is a little more advanced because these techniques take a lot of coordination and skill and utilise multiple planes of motion. Challenging techniques like this and more are taught in our Advanced Concepts of Kettlebells Level 2 Click Here To View Course. So make sure you get the Fundamental Kettlebell movements down pat first

For this Kettlebell Workout we will be combining 3 Advanced Kettlebell Techniques to form a complex.

Advanced Kettlebell Complex

  1. Kettlebell Stagger Clean
  2. Kettlebell Transverse Snatch
  3. Kettlebell Lateral Juggle

This is a challenging and rewarding Kettlebell complex because of the multitude of different forces acting on our muscles through the multiple planes of motion. We are engaging in rotation, acceleration, resisting forces, and deceleration which is really working your core muscles via the different planes of motion being used.

I hope you found this Kettlebell workout complex as challenging as I did.

Live passionately,

Daniel Henderson

Co – Founder of A.I.K.

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