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Dispelling “The Squat Myth”

Welcome to another Video of the Week my AIK Familia. On this episode of Myth Busters I am working with Big Kev to dispel a myth that’s older than the golden fleece itself, the harrowed Squat Myth. This is one of the movement sins that I see constantly no matter where I go in the world that seems to be a constant in trainers. The Squat Myth itself is that the knees shouldn’t go past the toes.

Now this is simply untrue.

Lets take a look.

Following the Squat Myth

  • Keep your shins vertical
  • Knees don’t go past the toes
  • You will eventually round the back or only complete a partial range squat.
  • You will create a shearing force in the lower back
  • Lumbar spine will be placed under pressure

As we can see while Kevin is keeping his shins vertical and making sure his knees don’t go past his toes. Look at how his back starts to round at the bottom while trying to maintain this posture and position. There is a great amount of shearing force created which is putting a lot of pressure on his back discs. This shearing force is created because Kevin is forcing the ROM and the lumbar spine is compensating. This is not only dangerous and unhealthy for your back but it also means you wont get the maximal output of your other muscles.

Dispelling the Squat Myth

  • Let the ankles go forward into dorsiflexion
  • The torso and lower limb will almost be parallel
  • Externally Rotate through the hips

This type of squat is far safer and will ensure you are loading the right areas correctly. I would encourage you to work on your ankle and hip mobility so you can execute a full ROM squat safely and correctly. We have several videos that focus exclusively on ankle and hip mobility and I recommend incorporating these drills into your warm-up.

In summation when squatting do not squat through the hips with little or no ankle movement. You want your ankles to travel forward so you can execute a much better and safer squat.

I hope your enjoyed this Myth Busters inspired Video of the Week.

Live Passionately,

Daniel Henderson

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