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Kettlebell Core Exercises

Kettlebell Core Exercises

This simple but very effective series is brilliant for developing core stability and strength.

It may appear easy but maintaining neutral hips and spine throughout the movement makes this very challenging.

The key is to really focus on core integrity and squeezing your glutes to maintain neutral spine.

Once you can accomplish the movement with 4 points of contact you can progress by adding a unilateral movement so you now have 3 points of stability. This can be either arm or leg and it is good to mix up the movements.

The next progression is to have 2 points of stability and raise your arm and leg contralaterally. Again, keep the hips square and spine neutral and ensure you get an even number of repetitions on each side. This movement can be further progressed with a tuck so the elbow and knee meet in the middle of the body.

The last progression in our series is a rotation. The rotation needs to come from the thoracic spine and not the hips.

You progress the sequences by adding more time under tension or increasing the repetitions performed.


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