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Perfect the Kettlebell Snatch with Dave ‘Pow’ Tabian

Dan Henderson Here,

Back once again with a sensational video of the week on the Kettlebell Snatch with the World Champion Record Holder Dave ‘Pow’ Tabian. He’s going to be sharing some knowledge bombs on some of the common mistakes and tips when performing the Kettlebell Snatch.

If a snatch is performed incorrectly then you are inefficient with your movement output and there is also the potential for possible injury. This is why we are so passionate about delivering the correct information. If you want to ensure you are using kettlebell safely and correctly then you need to be undertaking  proper training and accreditation. You can check out our world class Kettlebell Accreditation here.

Dave Tabain is the highest recognised Kettlebell lifter in Australia after taking titles in the US and Melbourne within weeks of each other. Tabain now has six Australian, three American and one world title to his name as well as holding the US jerk record and the jerk and snatch in Australia. He is also the youngest Australian to hold dual titles and records in the sport.

So you’ve come to the right place if you want to perform the Kettlebell Snatch like a Pro.

Tabain says to perform a proper Kettlebell snatch you have to focus on these two main areas:

  1. Make sure to have a solid High Pull
  2. Lock out the top of the arm during the Catch to prevent muscling it

The Kettlebell High Pull

The typical thing I see Clients and even Trainers doing is that they are reaching out too far with the Kettlebell Swing motion. This means that the Kettlebells momentum is wanting to push the Kettlebell behind your shoulder and neck. This creates excess strain on the shoulder and neck muscles and after a few reps is bound to create pain and even lead to injury.

You want to keep the momentum of the bell vertical when performing the final stages of the High Pull. You need to transition the Kettlebells momentum from the Arc Swing to Vertical. You do this through the high pull.

The Kettlebell Catch

Your Hand positioning is critical in the snatch. The hand is going to be in two positions through this motion and the grip will be transitioned smoothly through both phase.

You should have a firm grip that’s going to be in the downward swing and as it transitions your going to transition from a downward grip to and upward open palm as you Catch the Kettlebell above you. Its essential to keep a smooth grip for a smooth transition of force.

Remember to lock out the top arm as you Catch or “Snatch” now as to avoid putting strain on those muscles and risking injury.

There you have the Snatch Equation.

Kettlebell High Pull + Kettlebell Catch = Kettlebell Snatch

Don’t use Kettlebells without the proper training get accredited here.

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