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The Battling Ropes Finishers You Must Try!

At the Functional Training Institute we love Battling Ropes! They are an incredibly versatile tool that can be used in range of different ways to achieve awesome results. Today we are using them as finishers for your workouts. These five Battling Rope finishers will push you to the limit and the ultimate end to any workout.


Here are the Battling Ropes finishers:


Push Up Waves 

Alternating Waves with Switchover Lunges

Burpee Waves

Walking Waves In and Out

Russian Twist


Try mixing these exercises up at the end of your workout for some incredible results. Try the exercises with twenty seconds on and twenty seconds off with two sets of each and ten rounds in total.


If you want to learn more about Battling Ropes, then try our Battling Ropes Certification today!

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