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The BEST Kettlebell Exercises for Fat Loss

In this weeks video, Dan showcases three awesome Kettlebell Exercises for Fat Loss. Most of your clients are going to want to lose weight and burn fat. Functional Training tools are great for this and these three kettlebell fat loss exercises should really help them achieve their fitness and/or weight loss goals. The best method of achieving this through utilising big exercises, such as compound exercises that use lots of muscle coordination and load. So these exercises are going to use 2 Kettlebells to help drive that metabolic rate.


The BEST Kettlebell Fat Loss Exercises: 


Double Kettlebell Snatch:


This terrific movement challenges the body as you need to generate a lot of power through the hips and stabilise through the shoulders. The key is to snap the hips powerfully so the lower body is doing a majority of the upwards motion. You need to control the downwards phase and resist the pull forward.


Squat Thrusters:


Squat thrusters are an absolute lung buster as they use lots of big muscles. Aim to hit the full depth on the squat phase and lockout on the press phase. Have a point of fixation at the top of the movement and maintain form and technique throughout your set.


Kettlebell Push Up Burpee Deadlift:


This is another brilliant movement because it challenges the full body. It has 3 movements that are all terrific for raising your metabolic rate and expending calories. Maintain your core integrity with the push-up portion and be aware of potential excessive lumbar lordosis. Take the time to set yourself before the deadlift so you can set your neutral spine.


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