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Dan’s Kettlebell Swing Variations

In this week’s video we show you Dan’s Favourite Kettlebell Swing variations. The basic kettlebell swing is a great exercise for building the posterior chain. The exercise is a benchmark and one of the foundational exercises of kettlebell training. However, if you have been doing kettlebell swings for a long time and want to change it up a little, then these variations will be able to help you add a fresh twist to your workout.

The variations vary greatly in difficulty. Some require more power and others demand more coordination. Select a variation/s that are appropriate to your skill level. The variations of this incredible movement once again highlight the versatility of this great tool.  Your local park, gym or even courtyard will be perfect for these variations.

This video showcases a broad range of variations; a total of 10 variations! It is perfect if you are looking for something different to add to the otherwise basic swingmovement.

Kettlebell Swing Variations:

  • 2 Arm Swing

The traditional 2 arm swing is the foundation of all kettlebell swings. They should be a staple of any kettlebell routine.

  • 1 Arm Swing

The one arm swing creates further asymmetry and will be slightly more challenging. The key is coordinating the non-swing arm and ensure there is minimal torso rotation.

  • Alternating Swing

This is a great progression and will challenge your hand to hand coordination. Ensure you never ‘reach’ out on the exchange.

  • Swing with Forward and Backward Step

This variation challenges coordination and balance. It requires great control and it is imperative that the hips are terminally extended before the step is taken.

  • Swing with Lateral Step

This one always challenges coordination. The right sequence of movement is integral. The frontal plane movement is an awesome variation.

  • Swing with Flip

This is a lot of fun and again is great for developing hand to hand coordination.

  • Compass Swing

The compass swing needs to be fast. The rotation needs to be made as soon as the hips are extended.

  • Double Kettlebell Swing

The double swing means double the load! The leg position does change as you need to accommodate the extra width.

  • Double Kettlebell Swing with Swap

This really does challenge the coordination. This is probably the most advanced of all the variations.

  • Lateral Swings

I love this variation as it incorporates more transverse and frontal planes than the traditional swing.

Dan’s favourite kettlebell swing variations are a great way to change your workout if you or your clients are getting tired of the same, classic kettlebell swing. We teach all these variations and much more in our Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell courses

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