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Bodyweight Kettlebell Workout

In this video we show you a fantastic Bodyweight and Kettlebell Workout. Kettlebell movements and bodyweight exercises combine to create a terrific workout. The key is the exercise selection and correct execution.

This is a powerful workout that is easy to learn but will still test your stamina and coordination. This workout features a unique combination of both kettlebell and bodyweight exercises that will challenge both the upper and lower body and accelerate the heart rate. We have chosen exercises that incorporate multiple joints, movement patterns and planes of motion.

The workout is split between three kettlebell exercises and three bodyweight exercises, with a total of six rounds that are executed for 45 seconds with a 15 second rest. If this is too challenging for you, then have a go at changing the intervals and see what works for you. For example, you may find that work rounds of 30 seconds combined with rest periods of 30 seconds are challenging enough.

The Workout:

Ninja Jumps – An explosive jump from kneeling to a squat position. This movement challenges both the anterior and posterior.

Renegade Rows – Keep your hips square and then undertake the rows and alternate from side to side. The non-rowing arm should be creating tension through the kettlebell so it’s strong and stable.

Deadstop Burpees – Very similar to a regular burpee, except when you reach the bottom, lift your arms and legs up for a moment. This ceases the momentum and leads to more work.

Clean and Press – Work on one side at a time for 45 seconds each. Make the clean dynamic whilst the press should executed slowly.

Lateral Ice skater Lunge – This bounding movement challenges your lateral subsystem. Maintain good alignment with knees and hips.

Half Get Ups – This movement is the beginning  3 phases of the ‘Turkish Get-up’. It will test your shoulder stability and core control. Keep the eyes focused on the bell and do one side per round.

As a general guide, we recommend 8 KG kettlebells for females and 12 KG for males. Aim for six rounds and aim to increase your work ratios as you increase your fitness and become more conditioned.

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