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Welcome to another video of the week! This week we will be showcasing an extremely challenging workout called ‘Functional Mayhem’ that utilises 3 extremely effective functional training tools; the Battling Ropes, The Powerbag, & The Kettlebell.

This workout is great to implement into your boot camp or small group sessions. Using 3 different tools allows for a total body workout that is engaging, fun, & challenging.

The ‘Functional Mayhem’ workout consists of 5 to 10 rounds depending on your level of fitness.


Rounds: 5-10

5x Powerbag Drags on Each Side

1x Remove Pine Cones

10x Alternating Kettlebell Snatches on Each Side

20x Bullwhips with the Battling Ropes

As you can see… Just after 1 round I am already huffing and puffing. I have used all my major muscle groups and utilised multiple planes of motions.

Live Passionately,

Dan Henderson.


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