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Increase the Difficulty of ANY Battling Ropes Exercise

Hi Team, its that time for this weeks video of the week. This week we are progressing on from our last video “EPIC BATTLING ROPE EXERCISES – MULTIPLE PLANES OF MOTION” and are now working on how we can Increase the Difficulty when using Battling Ropes.


Battling Ropes are an extremely effective tool as they can increase power, strength endurance, aerobic endurance and anaerobic endurance. As shown last week, they also can challenge you in all planes of motion.  These fundamental techniques and tips can be applied to any Battling Rope exercise or movement and are analysed in depth in our Fundamentals of Battling Ropes course. 

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There are 3 different ways we can Increase the Difficulty of our Battling Ropes Exercises:

  1. Tempo & Rhythm
  2. Stance in Relation to the Anchor Point
  3. Grips Used

Tempo & Rhythm

The First way we can increase the difficulty is by increasing the tempo of the frequency of the waves themselves. For example while performing the a Double Wave in Rhythmic fashion you can start increasing the tempo (speed) or the frequency of which you perform the waves themselves which directly relates to an increase in intensity.

Stance in Relation to the Anchor Point

The Second way is to change where we are standing in relation to the anchor point of our Battling Ropes. If we stand closer to the Battling Ropes Anchor Point the waves become a lot more difficult because there is more slack. More slack means there is going to be more Rope to move and increases the weight and demands of the movement.

Grips Used

The Third way of increasing the Difficulty is by utilising which grips are used. For example the exercise that I have shown uses One handle per hand however what we can do is start to train our Grip Strength by simple putting both handles into One Hand.

This practicaly doubles the difficulty and intensity because we are essentially DOUBLING the working load.

I hope you found these techniques and tips useful. Next Week we will be showcasing a Powerbag video to compliment your Battling Rope Training.

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