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The Kettlebell Swing, Clean and Juggle

This week Dan is back! And he is back with an awesome and powerful little kettlebell sequence. This unique sequence combines a lateral swing, clean and juggle! Due to its technicality, it is directed towards more advanced kettlebell users, however we don’t want to discourage beginners aspiring towards a sequence like this.


Many aspects of this sequence are inspired by Kettlebell legend Steve Cotter. It is a complex and difficult sequence, and one that will demand some patience and practice to achieve. Overall, it is a great exercise for lateral stability and one that will really impress your clients or colleagues!


The Kettlebell Swing, Clean and Juggle:

The lateral swing is used to generate momentum for the clean. It should run across the body and the power should be generated from the feet and hips.

The lateral clean needs to be controlled and should be executed as the bell is moving towards the side you are cleaning it up on.

The  juggle is a flip of the kettlebell and is generated through a fast and confident wrist flick.


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