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Kettlebell Complex Series: Advanced

This week we are showcasing the last of the Kettlebell Complex Series, with the Advanced Kettlebell Complex. This is next level complex will challenge you. This is probably one of the most difficult complexes we have showcased here, and it would be recommended for those who have been practicing kettlebells for at least a few years. Yes, it is that complex.


This complex follows the pattern of many of our others with 5 exercises over 5 reps.


The Kettlebell Complex Series: Advanced


5 x Cleans

This complex begins with 5 double kettlebell cleans. This terrific hip dominant movement will challenge your stability and coordination.


5 x See Saw Presses (Each Side)

The see-saw press is a fantastic overhead movement. This movement gives you more overhead mobility because of the extra thoracic rotation involved as opposed to a double overhead press. Aim to keep the lower body locked out and strong throughout the repetitions. Keep the bells close to the midline and the little fingers pointing forward.


5 x Overhead Squats

This is a seriously challenging movement. If you have any mobility limitations in your ankles, hips or shoulders/t-spine then you may need to address these before you can execute the movement successfully. Keep the kettlebells locked out and in a line over the hips as you descend into the squat. Work to a depth that you feel comfortable with.


5 x Jerks

The Kettlebell jerk is one of the most complex movements we teach. In fact, we spend well over an hour covering it in our Level 2 Kettlebell course. It is a full body movement that will really accelerate your heart rate. This complex has many overhead movements so you want to ensure you are really developing great power from the lower body in the propulsion phase to spare the shoulders.


5 x Alternating Snatches

The alternating snatch is one of the most advanced snatch variations we teach. It is knee dominant as opposed to the traditional hip dominant snatch. It requires a strong pull and punch and is very demanding. You really need to concentrate on completing a strong lockout.



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