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Barbell Lunge Technique

The Barbell Lunge is a brilliant movement for the lower body. There are few exercises as effective when it comes to training the hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps.

Poor technique is often prevalent as lower body mobility or strength issues become obvious.

We showcase the correct movement for maximising the activation of the lateral gluteal.

The foot positioning is absolutely vital as the foot is actually tuned inwards. This enables the knee to drive outwards. The foot positioning is very important to maximise the external rotation of the hip.

The knee should travel towards the toes. The exception is people who lack in ankle mobility. This may place added stress on the knee.

The body is upright at all times and the head is facing straight ahead.

Please leave us feedback on the video and we hope it improves your Barbell Lunge technique and positioning.

You can learn the Barbell Lunge in detail at our ‘Fundamentals of Barbell Training’ 2 Day course. For more information, click below:

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