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Improving Kettlebell Swing Mobility

The execution of the Kettlebell Swing can be enhanced through mobilising the hip and gaining a greater range of movement. Releasing the hip flexors, mobilising the hips and activating the glutes enhances the Kettlebell Swing.


There are some key releases that can done with a foam roller and/or massage ball that can facilitate improved hip flexion and extension. The first is releasing the TFL. This is done with a trigger ball, some funny faces and a tolerance for discomfort.

The second release is for the Rectus Femoris and involves a foam roller. The key is to roll SLOWLY and maintain the natural curves in your spine. Too often the lower back will be anteriorly tilted placing unnecessary load on the lower back.

The next movement is a mobilisation for the iliopsoas called the ‘Pump Stretch’. The key is not force it and work on getting an increased range of motion on each side slowly and progressively. The core should be lightly braced to protect the lower back.

The last movement is an activation for the gluteals. It is a hip extension that focuses on terminal extension and a prominent squeeze of the glutes.

The aim of the releases, mobilisation and activation is to enhance the kettlebell swing mobility so there is enhanced hip flexion and extension.

We teach the Kettlebell Swing in detail in our ‘Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training’ course. You can read about the course here:

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