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Challenging Intermediate Kettlebell Complex

In this video, Dan showcases an awesome intermediate kettlebell complex for those who need something more challenging. Whilst this complex may look a little short, it is very challenging and is guaranteed to accelerate your heart rate and get you moving. This week features Double Kettlebells and is a challenging and intense complex of some of our top kettlebell exercises. Kettlebells are a great way of developing strength and cardio simultaneously and this workout will help you increase your aerobic capacity in a fun way.

This complex is great as you only need a pair of kettlebells (I use 16 KG kettlebells, however feel free to workout with the weights that you are comfortable with) and an open space. Your local park will be perfect for this workout.


Intermediate Kettlebell Complex: 


Double Swings with Lateral Step (5 Each Way)


Double Overhead Presses (5)


Double Rack Squats (5)


If you want to learn more great exercises like this, then register for our Fundamentals of Kettlebells Level 1 and 2 Course with 7 CECs.

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