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Band Assisted Hip Flexor Stretch

Video Of The Week: Band Assisted Hip Flexor Stretch

We have a great video of the week for you that will enable you to move freer, more efficiently and with less discomfort. It is a brilliant Band Assisted Hip Flexor Stretch that mobilises the Hip Flexors. This is just one of our many mobilisations that we feature in our Fundamentals of Mobility Course (Click Here).

All you need for this Mobilisation is:

  • A Strong Band
  • An Anchor Point to Tie the Band To



To start, place the band behind the Hamstring and create tension in the band. Squeeze the glutes as this will create reciprocal inhibition and this will facilitate a greater mobilisation

Note; A few other things you can do to attempt to hit different areas of the Hip Flexor is to try changing the direction of the pull as moving your moving through the motion, this will attempt to open the hip up a little bit more.

Another thing you can do is to create some more weight by  not resting your knee on the ground. This is called an Eccentric Quasi-Isometric Stretch (Learn about that and more, here!). You Can even get add some Leaning motions in there to even open it up further.

In Recap; This Band Assisted Hip Flexor Stretch is Fantastic for Freeing up those Hips and getting a lot more Mobility Through the Hips.

Thanks for watching this Video of the Week Guys, and remember to make sure those Hip Flexors are always warm up especially before going running!

Train Hard,

Train Safe,

From The Australian Institute of Kettlebells.

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