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Beginner Battling Ropes Partner Drill

VOTW: Beginner Battling Ropes Partner Drill

Hi and welcome to another Video of the Week. This week we will be showcasing the how Battling Ropes can be used in a Partner Training Drill Style Situation. Partner training drills are a great way to motivate and engage your clients as they foster a connection of group perseverance while creating a fun and stimulating workout regime.

We have a Beginner Partner Battling Ropes Complex today that focuses a lot on multiple planes of motion, different grips, and synchronization.


  1. Anchor the Rope and Both Participants Pick up the Rope
  2. Start Performing a series of Rocker Waves
  3. Initiate Que to Release the Outside Hand
  4. Alternate
  5. Face inwards and work in the Frontal Plane
  6. Turn and now work the opposite side in the frontal plane
  7. Face the anchor
  8. Apply Overhand & Underhand Grip
  9. Work together and synchronize the Bull Whip Movement

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