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A Quick & Easy Glute Warmup

Dan is back with another great video! Today he’s taking us through a quick glute warmup that will prepare you for any workout. This warmup will activate the glutes in only a few minutes!

Hip Raisers:

  • Simple but often done incorrectly
  • When lying down, externally rotate the hips
  • Raise the arms to avoid using them for assistance
  • Always hold and squeeze
  • Don’t rest between reps
  • To do the hip raises unilaterally, try placing a ball in the hip hinge of the resting leg

Banded Squat:

  • Use a mini band
  • There is no benefit to having the band placed above the knee versus below the knee so placement comes down to personal preference
  • “break the band”
  • The squats will externally rotate the hips
  • Resist the valgus collapse

X-Band Walk:

  • Try doing this barefoot to avoid rolling your feet
  • Stay in a quarter squat
  • Focus on little steps so the movement stays consistent

We’ll be back soon with more awesome videos!

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