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Kettlebell Snatch Variations

The Kettlebell snatch is a brilliant overhead movement that is terrific for developing power, endurance (one of the core girevoy lifts), overhead stability and mobility. The power generated through the posterior chain is exceptional and it is magnificent as full body exercise.

The Kettlebell snatch is also a very technical movement that requires practice and refinement. Once this mastery is achieved you can add some great variety from changing the angle of the bell. The power is still generated from the hips but the load of the bell is now displaced from the midline. This means that you will be able to generate less power but will activate other areas of the body to do so. The side snatch still uses the hips to generate the power but there is a more profound emphasis in the upper body.

The rotation snatch incorporates some upper trunk rotation and incorporates the transverse plan. It uses more lateral gluteal muscles and is much more technical. The key is not over rotating. If you do then you will bear the load in your lumbar and this will increase the risk of injury. You need to shift weight from one leg to the other and control the downwards phase of the movement.

The great thing you can see from this video is that you can then link all 3 snatches together to form a sequence and this flows nicely and enables you to get a great response from the sequence.

The Kettlebell snatch variations feature in our Kettlebell Master Instructors course. Read more about this and the other functional training programs here.  

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