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Front Kettlebell Progression

In this video we showcase Front Kettle Bell progression.

Front loaded exercises are great functional training exercises to learn as they are fantastic for your core muscles groups and terrific for your quads.

First we are going to focus on suspension training squats. Things to remember are;

  • No pushing or pulling
  • Open palms
  • Depth

After you have focused on these 3 key aspects you are ready to progress to a loaded front squat with a Power Bag.

Power bags are a great piece of equipment to use because of their symmetrical load, non abrasive fabric, and comfortable grips.

The things to remember when performing these Power Bag front loaded squats are;

  • Keep straight and upright
  • Pushing your knees out on the way down
  • Fantastic Depth

Once mastery of the Front Loaded Power Bag Squat is achieved we can progress to the Kettle Bell.

Since the load is asymmetrical the load is uneven and one side and you have to counterbalance the Kettle Bell.

If you want to progress in load weight, we recommend the double Kettle Bell front loaded squat. Keep in mind this is challenging as both Kettle Bells are trying to pull your Front down.

The double Kettle Bell Front Loaded Squat is fantastic if you want to;

  • Increase Load
  • Increase Core Strength and Quads
  • Solid alternative to barbell front squats due to shoulder mobility issues

You can learn many more pulling exercises using the Kettle Bell Progress at our Accredited Kettle Bell Courses. 

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