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Learn a Functional Bag Clean in 2 Minutes!

We are back again with Rob Harvey from Dingo Sandbags, who is going to show how you can learn and perform a functional bag clean within 2 minutes! However perfecting and mastering the exercise takes far longer! The functional bag clean is an olympic lifting movement pattern and is a diverse and great exercise that you can perform with your clients!


The main benefit of Functional Bags is that they are a great intro to all the other resistance training, due to their soft construction. They are great for any training session and should be used in as many sessions with your clients as possible!


How to Perform a Functional Bag Clean within 2 Minutes:

  1. The Deadlift: Keep your shoulders, activate the lats by pulling the shoulders apart and coming into a deadlift position. Keep the functional bag close to your shins.
  2. Add some speed to the deadlift movement.
  3. Add a shrug and a high pull (see the video for details).
  4. Catch the bag after the shrug and high pull (see the video for details).


This is a great exercise for all skill levels and ages to develop strength and power!

If you loved these exercises, check out our Fundamentals of Powerbags Course with 6 CECs. Also if you want to purchase the functional bags used in the video, check out Dingo Sandbags

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