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Performing a Front Leaning Rest

Today we are back with a insightful video on the Front Leaning Rest with both Nathan Quinn, our Head of Education and Peter Kirk, one of our Senior Trainers. Today they are going to be sharing some awesome knowledge on how to correctly perform a Front Leaning Rest. An effective and well performed Front Leaning Rest will help you build your core strength and shoulder stability and is a foundation for many other bodyweight exercises.

The Front Leaning Rest is performed over a five minute period

The Front Leaning Rest:

The Exercise:  

Place your hands directly beneath your shoulders and extend your feet back. Then bring your feet together and squeeze and activate your glutes. This is essentially the basic position of the Front Leaning Rest.

From here, it is all about controlling your breathing and holding the position. Hold the position for as long as you can and only stop the clock when you break the position. The exercise is completed when 5 minutes in total have been completed.

Tips to Improve the Exercise:

A common mistake is letting the lumbar dipping. To avoid this, ensure that your hips are tucked under in a posterior tilt. You can even try starting with the hips a little higher to counter fatigue in the hips.

Another tip is to push the spine up through the shoulder blades, ensuring there is a neutral curve across your back. Also remember to keep your chin tucked in and your neck straight throughout the duration of the exercise.

Another common mistake is to lean back on the shoulders and thus increase the flexion of your hips. Ensure that the shoulders are forward and the hips are in the straight, neutral position to avoid this. It is important to make sure that your shoulders are always directly over your hands.

The Front Leaning Rest is great for building core stability and is perfect at the end of a workout.

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