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I recall a pivotal event in 2009 where I attended a conference and the speaker James Fitzgerald, former CrossFit champion discussing the concept of Skill-Acquisition. That was the light bulb moment for me in appreciating movement and human performance as not simply a goal to lift as heavy as possible or run as fast as …


How to Enhance Motivation – Foster Relatedness

One of our 3 innate needs is Relatedness. I have identified 7 different ways we can enhance relatedness and in turn increase the level of internal motivation within our clients.   Priorities space in your sessions to talk Social Events Create opportunities for PB’s & Celebrate it as a group Individual challenge within the context …

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AIK Reflections

Reflections on AIK It all began towards the end of 2008 when Dan and I conjured an idea that had been planted during our intense, mixed circuit training sessions. Of course as PT

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