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How to use Battling Ropes

This video teaches you How to Use Battling Ropes.


Dan: Hey guys, Dan, Tarek from AIK. We’ve got a treat for you today with the battling ropes. The battling rope is this magnificent training tool, but most people just simply do static waves. Great exercise but there’s so much more to it. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take that away and we’re going to add some variation to it, okay? So we’re going to position Tarek in his sit up position.

This is the first thing that a lot of people get wrong is they’ll actually sit back and there’s no slack in the rope. It makes it a lot easier. What we’re going to immediately do is take half a step in and Tarek is going to begin these waves. As he does so, as he get that move on that velocity, he’s then going to walk in and out. That means we got more slack and less slack making it more difficult.

The further he walks in, the more difficult this becomes. You really have to work hard of it. You want to accelerate from these slack rates, really change the movement sequence, get him to walk in and out and maintain those waves. So there you have it. Hope you enjoy. Try it out.

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