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Easy & Effective Exercises to Improve Thoracic Rotation & Mobility

  VOTW: Easy & Effective Exercises to Improve Thoracic Rotation & Mobility Hello my Functional Fitness Gurus and Trainers Alike! For this VOTW we will be focusing on Improving Thoracic Rotation. In the past i have talked a lot about Your Thoracic Spine is in the Middle Section of your Vertebra between your neck and lower …

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Turkish Get Up WOD

Turkish Get Up WOD: The Massacre Part 2   The Turkish Get up Massacre we released back in June was one of our most popular workouts. We decided we could make this kettlebell workout even more challenging and improve it! Welcome to the Massacre Part 2! You start in a Turkish Get up starting position. …

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Kettlebell WOD

Kettlebell WOD This weeks kettlebell workout ‘Licence to Kill’ is accumulating as many reps as you possibly can in 20 minutes. It is a 5 station circuit and includes the following exercises: Double Rack Squats Double Presses Double Reverse Lunges Double Bent-over Row Double Swings You complete each station for 30 seconds then have 30 …

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Kettlebell Workout Routine: The Killer

Kettlebell Workout Routine: The Killer This workout is simple and fast but boy it does the job! 100 Alternating Swings 100 Kettlebell Rack Squats 100 Strict Presses (50 each side) 100 Cleans (50 each side) Reps for time Females – 8 KG Males –  12 KG Beast Mode – 16 KG

Kettlebell Torture

Kettlebell Torture We have a series of 6 exercises that need to be completed in a row. You will start with 8 reps for the first round, 7 for the second round and so on until you get complete 1 rep of each exercise. The exercises are: Kettlebell Push-ups Suitcase Deadlifts Double Cleans Double Rack …

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