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Hypermobility and Stability Training with Dr Ashton Wilson

Host Vanessa welcomed her special guest, Dr Ashton, a passionate Osteopath and Director of ALPHA Sports Medicine & Osteopathy. The two engaged in a conversation about the importance of understanding and managing hypermobility.

Hypermobility, a connective tissue disorder characterised by joints that stretch further than normal, is a complex condition that often goes misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Dr Ashton, with her expertise in sports injuries, functional assessment, and rehabilitation, shed light on this condition, its challenges, and the significance of stability training.

Dr Ashton emphasised that hypermobility is not as rare as once thought, but it is rarely understood, leading to misdiagnosis. She highlighted the emotional trauma often associated with misdiagnosis, as individuals with hypermobility are frequently dismissed or invalidated, leading to feelings of frustration and helplessness.

The conversation then moved towards the role of exercise and physical activity in managing hypermobility. Dr Ashton stressed the importance of doing exercises that one enjoys and can control, especially at the end range of motion. She debunked the ‘no pain, no gain’ myth, stating that pain is a signal from the body that something is wrong. Pushing past pain, especially for hypermobile individuals, can lead to more harm than good.

A significant part of the discussion revolved around the concept of stability. Dr Ashton explained that stability is not just about being stiff or rigid; it’s about controlling movement, especially at the end range. She emphasised the importance of training the feet and the core, as they form the foundation for a strong body. She also highlighted the need for hypermobile individuals to build awareness of their bodies and understand their capabilities and limits.

Dr Ashton also touched upon the role of footwear in stability. She advocated for spending more time barefoot to build a better connection with the ground and improve stability. However, she also acknowledged the role of orthotics in providing temporary support and rest for hypermobile feet.

Towards the end of the conversation, Vanessa asked Dr Ashton about the risk factors for people with hypermobility engaging in physical activity. Dr Ashton reiterated that pain is the primary indicator of a problem. She advised individuals to listen to their bodies and seek professional help if they experience persistent pain.

In conclusion, the conversation with Dr Ashton provided valuable insights into the world of hypermobility. It emphasised the importance of understanding the condition, listening to one’s body, and focusing on stability training to manage hypermobility effectively. It served as a reminder that every individual’s journey with hypermobility is unique, and the approach to managing it should be personalised and supportive.

Our favourite quotable moments:

“If you are getting pain as a feedback from your body from doing something, that’s your body telling you something is wrong.” – Dr Ashton Wilson

“Just because they’re stiff and can’t move very well through their lumbar doesn’t mean that they’re stable.” – Dr Ashton Wilson

“Hypermobility is diagnosed based on the symptoms that you present with, as well as your clinical history.” Dr Ashton Wilson


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Instagram – @doc_ashtonn

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About Our Guest:

Dr Ashton Wilson, a registered female osteopath with the Australian Osteopathic Association, brings her passion for sports medicine (informed by her own competitive swimming background) to her practice. Skilled in various techniques, she works with athletes and anyone seeking an active, pain-free life, utilising ongoing support and a combined approach to optimise your health.

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Vanessa is a seasoned Movement Therapist with a vast array of skills and experiences in the industry. Her goal is to help as many people find betterment in their lives. She is known as a hybrid trainer, attaining high levels of education, and delivering a quality presenting experience in both group fitness and personal training streams. Attaining betterment drives her knowledge and pursuit for further education for herself and everyone she encounters. Vanessa continues training clients and trainers all over the country and presenting at the International Fitness Conference. Vanessa’s ethos is doing things BETTER.

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