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How to Master the Kettlebell Snatch

Today we have a short but very powerful video on How to Master the Kettlebell Snatch presented by both Nathan Quinn, our Head of Education and Peter Kirk, one of our Senior Trainers. In this video they share a fantastic analogy  on how to correctly perform a Kettlebell Snatch. Mastering an effective and well performed Kettlebell Snatch will enable you to get the most from this incredible movement.

The snatch is a beautiful explosive movement that gets the posterior chain firing, core engaged and shoulder stabilising. It increases your heart rate, largely engages the whole body and trains areas of weakness within the body

The Kettlebell Snatch:

The ‘Clock Analogy’:  

Imagine that your body is a clock, where 12 o’clock is the top of your head, 9 o’clock is at your sternum and parallel to the ground if your arm was straightened , 6 o’clock is at the base of your spine and 5 o’clock is just behind your backside. Now let’s apply this theory to a Kettlebell Snatch.

The backswing of your kettlebell snatch is at the 5 o’clock point. Then your acceleration pull happens after around 7 o’clock where the shoulder is pulled back. At 9 o’clock, your grip on the kettlebell is released and the Kettlebell is in free flight. At 11 o’clock, your hand is then inserted through the kettlebell and the force generation guides you to the final 12 o’clock position above your head.

This analogy breaks down the Kettlebell Snatch into easy to manage segments where you can analyse and master your snatch, one step at a time. If performed correctly, in sequence, your Kettlebell Snatch should be fluid.

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