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What not to do with a Kettlebell Swing – Mistakes and Corrections

What not to do with a Kettlebell Swing – Mistakes and Corrections



Hi! I’m Boris with the Australian Institute of Kettlebells and today we’re going to talk about the mechanics of the swing. A swing should be a hip-dominant exercise the way we teach it. There shouldn’t be any movement happening through the lower back. That is to say there shouldn’t be any flexion at the bottom or hyperextension of the lumbar spine at the top.

Dan is going to demonstrate a few good swings, then we’ll go through why the mistakes can happen. We’re looking for a nice neutral spine throughout. In that bottom position, straight line from the head through to the hip and in that top position, a straight line from the head down to the knee.

If that kettlebell gets at too far in front, it can cause a little bit of lumbar friction because it comes down too close to the floor. Again, we don’t want that. We want the core engaged and the bell tight to the body. The other problem that can happen is people can get overzealous and start using their back too much and over extend backwards bending the knees in the process. Again, impinging on those lumbar discs which we don’t want.

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