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Dan’s Favourite Intermediate Kettlebell Complex

In this video, Dan showcases one of his favourite intermediate kettlebell complexes for those who need something more challenging. Kettlebells are a great way of developing strength and cardio simultaneously and this workout will help you increase your aerobic capacity in a fun way. This complex features some interesting and unique exercises that will hopefully teach you something new about kettlebells.


This complex is great as you only need a pair of kettlebells (I use 16 KG kettlebells, however feel free to workout with the weights that you are comfortable with) and an open space. As a general guide, we recommend 8 KG kettlebells for females and 12 KG for males. Aim for six rounds and aim to decrease your rest ratios as you increase your fitness and become more conditioned. Your local park will be perfect for this workout.


Intermediate Complex

Renegade Rows (5 Each Side)

Keep your hips square and then undertake the rows and alternate from side to side. The non-rowing arm should be creating tension through the kettlebell so it’s strong and stable.


Walking Swings (5 Forward and 5 Back)

Always take the step at the top of the swing. It’s really important that you extend the hips to terminal extension. The step adds an element of instability that promotes more hip and core stability.


Double Cleans (5)

Power the movement through the hip extension. This produces a weightlessness that enables you to insert your hands into the bells. Keep the elbows tight to your torso and keep a loose grip so you can insert your hands in an efficient manner.


Cossack Squats (5 Each Side)

This movement is the toughest within this complex. This frontal plane squat will uncover any weaknesses you may have in your hip stability and mobility. Keep your heel planted on the side you descend into and your torso upright. Just work within your range of movement.


Squat Presses (5)

This terrific lower and upper body movement is terrific for accelerating your heart rate. You should complete the squat through a full range of motion and use the power of the ascent to lift the kettlebells overhead into the lockout position.


These exercises can be substituted for other exercises. A key is to try and get a balance of movement patterns. This way you can efficiently train the whole body.

We hope you enjoy! Please let us know how you go.


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