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Series: Lower body banded distractions #4

Video #4: Quadruped inferior pulled banded distraction with internal hip rotations

This banded distraction technique involves being on all fours with one knee bent and placed on a bench at hip height, while a resistance band provides a pull inferior (downwards) and anterior (forward towards the front of the body) to the targeted hip. Simultaneously perform hip internal rotations by lifting the foot off the bench, but not the knee. This setup aims to address hip mobility and flexibility by applying a multi-directional force to the hip joint, which can have several beneficial effects.

Here’s the last 2 potential benefits of distraction techniques: (see previous posts for other benefits)

Prevention of Adhesions: Regular use of joint distraction techniques can help prevent the formation of adhesions (bands of scar tissue) that can restrict movement and cause pain.

Enhanced Proprioception: Proprioception is the body’s ability to perceive its own position in space. Improved joint mobility and decreased pain can enhance proprioceptive feedback, which is crucial for balance and coordinated movement.

Learn more about joint distraction science and methods through our ‘Movement Preparation’ certificate.

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