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Barbell Deadlift Form

The Barbell Deadlift is a key exercise that is phenomenal for building strength and power when performed correctly. Barbell Deadlift form is vital for maximising the efficiency of the lift and preventing injury.

The lift can characterised by poor technique and this video seeks to teach the best practice position so you can achieve maximum lifts in a safe position.

One of the keys is to look at the knee position relative to the ankles. The knees are pushed out and this increases the amount of torque in the lift. This external rotation of the hips facilitates greater gluteal engagement as well as the lateral hamstrings.

The other important position is that the chest should be up and the shoulder blades retracted. The chest should be proud and almost appear puffed out.

Remember to breathe and finish the movement with terminal extension to fully engage the posterior chain.

We showcase the movement with 2 different grips: Traditional and Snatch grip.
We teach the Barbell in detail and showcase the different types of Deadlift in our 2 Day Barbell course. You can see the course at:

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