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Barbell Squat Form

The Barbell Squat is a brilliant exercise when it is performed correctly. Whether it is a back squat, front squat or overhead squat, correct technique is paramount.


Most people don’t know what constitutes correct barbell squat form. This video teaches you the correct positioning and  what to focus on when performing the lift and what to observe when teaching the lift.

The first position we look at is the foot angles. It is important that both feet are angled the same. The next position is the knees. The knees should be pushed out during the descent to enable a greater range of movement through the hips. The next positions are the lines of the body. There should be approximately a 45 degree angled line from the ankle to the knee. The hip to the shoulder line should follow the same angle. Therefore, the 2 lines (ankle to knee and hip to shoulder) should be parallel.

The video also looks at how to increase depth with the barbell squat. There is a technique where you squat to depth and pause. You then push the knees out and descend further. It is important to keep the chest up at all times and head straight. The eyes will be slightly fixed above the horizon.

Our 2 Day Barbell Course teaches Deadlift Positions, Cleans, Presses, Snatches and much more in great detail.  The course is held in all major cities in Sept-Nov.

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