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Battling Ropes Power Systems

The Battling Ropes Power Systems are essentially the different methods of developing power, anaerobic endurance and aerobic endurance with the Battling Ropes and the manipulation of Velocity with the wave based movements.

Velocity Training is the speed at which an object is travelling and is essential in creating more diverse and complex training sessions for yourself or your clients. The result that Battling Ropes produces can greatly differ depending on how you manipulate the velocity. This video demonstrates what velocity training is, how we define it and how to incorporate this methodology into programming. We illustrate this by showcasing 4 different types of battling ropes waves that impact the aerobic system, anaerobic system, power and plyometric power. These systems are an excellent way to challenge your energy, endurance and power in your training sessions.

The Battling Ropes waves need to vary in velocity to influence the following:

1. Aerobic system: velocity is constant and not too fast.

2. Anaerobic system: changing the speed to fast movements, similar to HIIT training or sprints.

3. Power: using hip extension to create more power.

4. Plyometric: incorporating a jumping based movement. This can be a squat or lunge.

You can learn more about velocity training and other systems in our Battling Ropes Training Course.

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